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Best Decoration

Have you ever though that recycled wheel and bicycle can be a very artistic wall interior? Just see it, we can make it. With neat welding and colouring, topping it with shiny finishing, we make your room looks great ,richy and cozy.

Every piece of bicycle part or wheel is welded from one to another carefully and neatly. Combining with rustic and dry wood or beautifull and colourfull upholstery. Then, you will have a very comfort and artistic chair. An unusual chair, but still you can sit on them comfortly. As the same as chair, you can also have unique and unusual tables with clear glass top, or a very modern wood top with news paper laminated.

Light up your home with our lamp range. There are many choices and you can order them customize. Don't stop imagining. Keep looking our goods and let us help you to create your own world.


Best Decoration Best Decoration


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