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About Us

Established since 1997, more than one decade working with handicraft, artistic interior and furniture, make us aware that we live to create. We live to be pioneer in our world. We know that we should be different, and better from others to make you see us. Therefore, at Natural House, we never stop searching and sourcing time to time.

With our skillfull hands, a lot of experience and best services, we are ready to be your partner to make your dream comes true.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Keeping the goods in best quality, assuring them to send to you in time, and provide easy and flexible payment system to make you comfort are our ways to work with you. Be a part of creative celebration by being our partner. Start ordering.

New Products

  • <b></b> projek Kopi item & Warung teko
  • <b></b> bamboo basket Clr M/L
  • <b></b> decorative bottle lights
  • <b></b> Iron Stool
  • <b></b> Projek Caffe Serba susu Lembang Bandung
  • <b></b> Set bicycle dinner table natural
  • <b>WAL-001</b> Wall Panel 001
  • <b></b> sculpture fish
  • <b></b> Pig accessories laugh
  • <b></b> Wooden Bar Iron Stripe Chair (Silver)
  • <b></b> Deeleman Table
  • <b></b> Wooden Camel statue
  • <b></b> Coffee Table With Iron Legs
  • <b></b> ethnic dining table set
  • <b></b> 27
  • <b></b> cabinet aksesories
  • <b>TAB-012</b> Table 012
  • <b></b> java lokal chair
  • <b></b> Candy bottle Wall deco 50X9X50 Cm
  • <b></b> Wooden dog statue
  • <b></b> Black sofa stool
  • <b></b> Gate metropolitan park artwork Bekasi
  • <b></b> best momentum
  • <b></b> candy tone
  • <b></b> Plated Iron Stool with wood seat

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